How to use the "After the Game" forum.

Go here to see which online PS2 games our community has been playing. Also, go here to discuss a specific online match you played in.

So, if you met up with some community members for an online match, feel free to post a thread here to start up some discussion about that specific game.
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How to use the "After the Game" forum.

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The point of this forum section is to show which games are community has been playing online. It is also a place to allow discussion of specific community meet ups after the fact.

So please only post a thread if you played an online Playstation 2 game with at least one other member from ps2onlinegaming, as the point of this area of the site is to show what our community has been playing. If people posted a thread every time they played any online game with random people, this section would be flooded with threads nonstop. If you want to talk about your experience playing a game online with random people or your opinions of that online game in general, just post in the PS2 Online Game Talk section of the site.

Guidelines for posting a new thread

When you post a thread for the game you played in, in the title of the thread say the name of the game and the date you played it. In your post mention which site members you played the game with.

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