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Best Combat Racing Game besides Mario Kart?

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 11:42 pm
by lazyhoboguy
I personally think this game is better than any other Kar-Racing/Combat Racing type of game I have played besides the mario kart series. I am not sure if I like it more than the Mario Kart series, but it is at least on par for the fun-factor in my opinion.

A thing I love about this game is that besides the extremely fun racing modes is that there are a ton of other different modes. There are deathmatch modes sort of like twisted metal black. There are extremely unique modes like sport hunt where you hunt down dinosaurs and tractors lol. There is a mode where you just try to slaughter as many computer controlled racers as possible and there is even a mode called Rush Hour where the objective is too crash your car into as much incoming traffic as possible haha.

Besides Mario Kart games,I really cannot think of a kart racing/combat racing style game that is as fun as JAk X: Combat Racing that has come since or after.

Jak X is even more awesome since it has a LAN multiplayer mode that is fully featured. It is not half -assed like many other games' multiplayer modes. It includes headset chat and USB keyboard chat in the LAN mode and and points you earn in the LAN mode adds to your profile's single player points.

Jak X: Combat Racing is also great to play through LAN tunneling programs like XLink Kai because it lets you have bots in the LAN mode. Even with just 2 or 3 human players the game is still a blast because of this.