quick guide on using this website

Go here to learn how to get the most out of this website. Here you will find guides on how to use site features and how to use the different forum sections.
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quick guide on using this website

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This website was created by 2 long time PS2 online enthusiasts in order to help Playstation 2 online gamers meet up and have some fun playing online games together.

We made this website to make it easier for gamers to meet up for some normal PS2 online games (games with their servers still up), but this site was also born to create a place where gamers who engage in Playstation 2 LAN tunneling can gather together and plan to meet up for online games over LAN tunneling programs like Xlink Kai.

A great amount of thanks is due to community member Favrenation, who helped us immensely in getting this website up and running. Without him it probably would have taken us months longer to get everything up.

A Quick Site Guide for New Users

[1] Register on the Forums!: The link is at the top of the page. When registering make sure you look in your spam folder if you do not receive the registration confirmation email. Then mark the sender

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as not spam so you get future emails from the website. Please do not reply to that above email address as it is not checked often. If you have trouble registering please contact us through this email instead. After you have registered the best way to contact us is to pm us (lazyhoboguy or noonotthat)

* Due to spambots, admins now have to activate each account before you can start posting. This usually will happen fairly soon as I check the site everyday. If its been awhile and no one has activated your account, use the contact email above to contact us.

After you register, go to the new members forum and post a thread to introduce yourself.

Also make sure to read the site rules! They are really short.

Schedule Some Online PS2 Games! In this forum we have a section of the forum dedicated to planning community meetups on Playstation 2 online games (ones with servers still up) and to planning LAN tunneling meetups on Xlink Kai. This section is called "Game Scheduling" This will be the main tool in helping community members meet up to have some fun with PS2 online gaming. A lot of times games are planned in the same night or a day before, so posting here is very helpful.

Since Playstation 2 online meetups often are planned as spur of the moment things through instant messengers, it would be really smart to add your instant messenger nicknames in your profile. If you happen to have just decided to play a PS2 online or PS2 LAN tunneling match, make a post in the "Game Scheduling" section so other community members can try to make the game too!

For planning online matches far in advance you can also...

[3] Use the Game Calendar!: Here you can find out if any PS2 online games or Xlink Kai Lan Tunneling matches are planned in the future. If an online community meetup is planned far in advance, a post on that specific date will show up on the calendar and will give information about which game will be played and at what time. If you want to plan an online game for the future, put up a post on the calendar for when you want to play.

[4] Check out the Community Videos Section! Visit the video section of the website to see PS2 online games and PS2 LAN tunneling games played by our community.

[5] Have Fun Discussing PS2 Online Gaming, PS2 LAN Tunneling (Xlink Kai) and General PS2 Gaming!

Other neat or helpful stuff you can do on the site

[1] Get email notifications every time someone posts in a topic you have previously posted in

[2] Add a real time clock into your signature that shows the current time in your gmt time zone

[3] Add your PS2 LAN games and PS2 online games into your profile