How to make a manual PS2 network configuration for Xlink Kai

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How to make a manual PS2 network configuration for Xlink Kai

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How to set up a manual PS2 network configuration for Xlink Kai

Most Playstation 2 games on XLink Kai will work while using a Playstation 2 Network Configuration that is setup automatically. For some reason, a few games have problems with that and will not work over Xlink Kai when using one. For example, Jak X: Combat Racing is a game that needs a special manual PS2 network configuration before it will work on XLink Kai. A list of which ps2 games need this manual ps2 network configuration in order to work on Xlink Kai can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=497

Follow one of the 2 guides below to set the manual playstation 2 network configuration up. The 2nd guide listed here came out first, but it is much more complicated to setup. I have not personally bothered to set it up because the first guide listed on this page is much simpler to follow.

You can save multiple PS2 network configurations to your memory card. So don’t delete your automatically setup one to make this. Just save both with different names so that you can tell what they are in the future, so that when you are about to play Jak X: Combat Racing you can tell which network setup is the one you need.

So, you will need the network setup disc that came with the fat PS2's network adapter to set this up. Or, you can use one of the many Playstation 2 games that have a network setup utility built in to set this up. A list of some of these is here: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=180

This guide is the one the majority of us use to setup the manual PS2 network configuration needed to play Jak X: Combat Racing and some other games

Please don't just skim over this. Don't just read the quoted text below. Make sure to read this whole page. If you make a mistake on even a single digit this will not work properly. So please make sure you double check that you entered every number correctly.
• Boot up your PS2, and find the consoles MAC Address. This can be accessed by pressing Triangle at the main screen of your PS2 to view version information.
• Use your MAC address at this URL to generate an IP address:
• Create a new network setting on your PS2, and call it "xlink" or something similar.
• This will be a Static/Manual configuration. Use the following:

Console IP: (use the IP that you generated from the URL above)
Subnet Mask:
Router IP/Gateway:
DNS: Automatic
The above guide was not created by me. Here is the source

If you have a problem finding your PS2's MAC address read this

I should say though that not all models of PS2 will let you find the MAC address with the above method. For example, my old fat PS2 would not show the MAC address this way. I had to get out a game with a network configuration utility to find it. I used Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix’s network Setup utility, but other games with the utility probably work the same or similarly. A list of which playstation 2 games have a network setup utility is located here.

I went to “edit setting”, then picked a memory card that contained a network configuration I had already created, then I pressed the Triangle button (Setting List) when a network configuration was highlighted. Once I did that it showed me the MAC address of my Playstation 2.

If you cannot set DNS to automatic read this

Also, some network setup utilities will not let you set DNS to automatic like the guide states. For example, Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix's network setup utility forces you to manually enter in numbers for the DNS while following this guide.

So on the "DNS Server Address Entry" screen for "Primary DNS" enter in the same numbers as the "Router IP/Gateway" numbers.

So enter this in for "Primary DNS":
Leave "Secondary DNS" set to its default of:

Other Guide you can use to setup the manual PS2 network configuration needed to play Jak X: Combat Racing and some other games