TMBO important info/ button combinations

Its online servers were taken down. The only way to play this online now is through LAN tunneling programs like Xlink Kai.
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TMBO important info/ button combinations

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For those who don't know the button combos on the dpad.

left, left, down, down - cloak
right, right, down, down - shield
up, down, up - freeze
right, left, down - mine
left, right, down, L2 - rear fire current weapon

Some cars have secondary specials

Axel - have his special weapon selected and press up up up to activate his crush mode

Shadow - have her special selected and press up up up to activate her chain gun

Yellowjacket - when his special is selected freeze a car and turbo ram the spikes into them for the maximum amount of damage

Minion - have his special selected and press up up up to activate the fireball cannon ( good for long range attacks)

Crazy 8 - with his special selected press the dpad in the direction of your opponent 3 times (up, up, up or left, left, left) to use the max attack (once you connect press L2 as fast as you can)

Outlaw - with your special selected line a car up infront of you and with your special selected press L2 repeatedly for the duration of the special to launch missiles as well as bullet towards your opponents.

Thanks to maartyrr for posting the above info

How to Activate Keyboard Chat in the LAN mode

While waiting for a game to begin, press...
R1, R2, L2, L1, L1, L2, R2, R1

Then press square to open the chat window. Press triangle to close the window and square again to re-open it. This will work until you turn your PS2 off.

If anyone can think of any other important info that should be posted here let me know.

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