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Online for custom game? Virtualization? Possible on real hw?

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2022 10:55 pm
by markhoss
Before I'll even say anything please excuse my lack of knowledge.

I have been wondering about this for some time now. Would it be possible to not only have custom games for the PCSX2 that work online but also on a PS2 console which can run and emulate what the player is doing so it works inside multiplayer? I can't imagine how challenging this must be but the PS2 already has simple functions to be able to work online but a game/mod might be a whole new challenge on its own. Creating some sort of a tool to replace DNAS or something brand new could then be implemented although I guess its a lot harder then whatever I am saying here.

Never before have I been more confident because the people always get it done or usually even better then what I am expecting I really have that much hope.

I just wanted to share my idea.

Take care.