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Where to discuss topics about PS2 gaming not related to its online aspect.
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I feel this forum is dying with no one scheduling any games. It's nice to help out and talk about shit, but what we really need is some people to, give a couple of days notice, and schedule a ps2 online game.

I've been doing it for awhile and i'm still getting players so we need someone else to it do too, to give advance notice, and schedule a game they will host or play.

And i mean to do it here. Don't say hey there's people that play this and that ps2 game online, instead get them to talk here and schedule here and don't schedule or talk if you are not going to join what you are talking about.

We don't need talkers here we need some doers like i do.

I would like to see more after game lobby posts or people who actually connected to each other and played any ps2 game online and have scheduled it here in public than anything else that is done here.

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