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no23 wrote:I didn't mean to criticize your post. It's just that it's not 100% correct. The Outbreak servers were done by the_fog alone. We worked together to get TMB:O done and Sir Tortis is now working on SOCOM I, I am helping out here and there as time allows. There's no schedule for SOCOM II yet because the first game is already causing a lot of headaches (RSA and RC4 encryptions with alternating keys for every session) and the progress is a lot slower than we expected.

Just wanted to sort this out because I don't want Sir Tortis to be bombarded with emails like "please revive title XYZ", "when is ZYX done?". Things like this happen if people get the false impression of someone having revived MULTIPLE titles. I know what I'm talking about :(
I didn't view it as criticizing, as much as I viewed it as you trying to correct the incorrect... which isn't a bad thing. I can only relay the information that was passed down to myself, and roughly 3,000 others that follow that page. Now that I know it to be false, as far as other titles that were worked on by the crew that is doing Socom I, than the truth could be sorted out. I completely understand. You have your part in it, unfortunately I am not able to contribute in that manner, so my part as a Socom player since the original all the way up to its death on number 4, is to get the word out that what was once a dream for many many fans of the series, will be a reality (hopefully).

I don't think I ever implied that you DIDN'T know what you were talking about, I was just saying that this is what we were told in the community away from TRS forums. Regardless, whether he did 1 title or 100 titles, it's good to know he knows what he is doing and our beloved game is in good hands. Sorry for any confusion but at least now it is all squared away. Thanks for taking the time to do that and I appreciate your contribution to this project and am looking forward to playing if it should be completed.

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So it seems that things are moving.

according to the facebook page : , a website was created to register your account foir the game :
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I still say the thread at TRS is the most accurate and up to date on the status of the private server. Since Sir Tortis keeps us updated : ... ment.8229/

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