Battle of Chattanooga III
Chattanooga, Tennessee
November 23-25, 1863

Chattanooga III
Missionary Ridge

Facing W, at Federal Loomis' Brigade signage, at the Pennsylvania Reservation, on Missionary Ridge
At intersection of Glass Street and North Crest Road, circa 4 1/4 miles NE of the Ohio Reservation
Part of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park

National Park Service (NPS) Signage

Loomis' Brigade
Ewing's Division - 15th Corps
Col. John M. Loomis

Nov. 25, 1863
26th Illinois - Lieut. Col. R. A. Gillmore
90th Illinois - Col. Timothy O'Meara
90th Illinois - Lieut. Col. Owen Stuart
12th Indiana - Col. Reuben Williams
100th Indiana - Lieut. Col. Albert Heath

The brigade at 10:30 a.m. took position to the right of Corse's Brigade and co-operated with it till the termination of its assault. About 1 p.m., with its left on the Tunnel Hill Road north of the Glass House, and supported by Buschbeck's Brigade, it moved toward the mouth of the tunnel, its skirmishers carrying the position about the Glass House, and part of the main line reaching the railroad. The 27th and 73rd Pennsylvania of Buschbeck's Brigade then advanced to Loomis' left and pushed the Confederates back to their works over the tunnel. Matthies' Brigade next came up on Loomis' left and charged to the summit of the ridge where it formed on the right and left of the 27th Pennsylvania that had preceded it, followed by Raum's Brigade. The entire force was finally repulsed by charges from the crest, and a flank movement from the tunnel. At 4 p.m. the brigade was withdrawn.

(Photograph by John C. Sanders, October 14, 2005)

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