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Peebles' Farm

CWSAC Reference #: VA074

Other Names: Poplar Springs Church, Wyatt's Farm, Chappell's House, Pegram's Farm, Vaughan Road

Preservation Priority: II.2 (Class B)

Location: Dinwiddie County

Campaign: Richmond-Petersburg Campaign (June 1864-March 1865)

Date(s): September 30-October 2, 1864

Principal Commanders: Maj. Gen. George G. Meade, Maj. Gen. John G. Parke, and Maj. Gen. G. K. Warren [US]; Lt. Gen. A. P. Hill [CS]

Forces Engaged: Corps

Estimated Casualties: 3,800 total

Description: In combination with Benjamin Butler's offensive north of the James River, Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant extended his left flank to cut Confederate lines of communication southwest of Petersburg. Two divisions of the IX corps under Maj. Gen. John G. Parke, two divisions of the V Corps under Maj. Gen. G. K. Warren, and David M. Gregg's cavalry division were assigned to the operation. On September 30, the Federals marched via Poplar Spring Church to reach the Vaughan Road. The initial Federal attack overran Fort Archer, flanking the Confederates out of their Squirrel Level Road line. Late afternoon, Confederate reinforcements arrived, slowing the Federal advance. On October 1, the Federals repulsed a Confederate counterattack directed by Lt. Gen. A. P. Hill. Reinforced by Mott's II Corps division, the Federals resumed their advance on the 2nd, captured Fort McRae which was lightly defended, and extended their left flank to the vicinity of Peebles' and Pegram's Farms. With these successes, Meade suspended the offensive. A new line was entrenched from the Federal works on Weldon Railroad to Pegram's Farm.

Result(s): Union victory

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