Saturday, August 3, 1861

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Army Events:

Operation: Big Sandy Region, WV August 1, 1861 - March 17, 1862
Operation: Fort Bliss, TX August 1861
Skirmish: McCulla's Store, MO August 3, 1861
Scout: Round Valley, CA August 3 - 12, 1861
Operation: Tennessee River July 1 - November 19, 1861

Appointment: Lorenzo Thomas, USA, to Brigadier General
Appointment: James Wolfe Ripley, USA, to Brigadier General

(Source: Compendium of the War of the Rebellion Vol. I, p. 660-991. Frederick H. Dyer; The Chronological Tracking Of The American Civil War Per The Offical Records Of The War of the Rebellion pp. 1-336. Ronald A. Mosocco.)

Naval Events:

John LaMountain made first ascent in a balloon from Union ship Fanny at Hampton Roads to observe Confederate batteries on Sewell's Point, Virginia--a small beginning for the potent aircraft carrier in the tridimensional Navy of the Twentieth Century.

Congress authorized Secretary of the Navy Welles to "appoint a board of three skillful naval officers to investigate the plans and specifications that may be submitted for the construction or completing of iron or steel-clad steamships or steam batteries . . . there is hereby appropriated . . . the sum of one million five hundred thousand dollars." Commodore Joseph Smith, Captain Hiram Paulding, Commander Charles H. Davis appointed to the Ironclad Board on 8 August.

U.S.S. Wabash, commanded by Captain Mercer, recaptured American schooner Mary Alice, which had been taken by Confederate ship Dixie, and captured brig Sarah Starr, a blockade runner, off Charleston.

U.S.S. South Carolina, under Commander Alden, engaged Confederate batteries at Galveston.

(Source: Civil War Naval Chronology 1861-1865. pp. I:1-41; II:1-117; III:1-170; IV:1-152; V:1-134. 1971: Naval History Division, Navy Department.)
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