Friday, January 25, 1861

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Army Events:

Operation: Charleston Harbor, SC December 20, 1860 - April 14, 1861
Operation: Fort Humboldt, CA January 16 - May 18, 1861

(Source: Compendium of the War of the Rebellion Vol. I, p. 660-991. Frederick H. Dyer.)

Naval Events:

Captain Samuel F. Du Pont wrote Commander Andrew Hull Foote about the number of naval officers resigning their commissions to go to their home States in the South: "What made me most sick at heart, is the resignations from the Navy . . . I [have been] nurtured, fed and clothed by the general government for over forty years, paid whether employed or not, and for what--why to stand by the country, whether assailed by enemies from without or foes within--my oath declared 'allegiance to the United States' as well as to support the Constitution . . . I stick by the flag and the national government as long as we have one, whether my state does or not and she knows it."

(Source: Civil War Naval Chronology 1861-1865. pp. I:1-41; II:1-117; III:1-170; IV:1-152; V:1-134. 1971: Naval History Division, Navy Department.)
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